Friday, October 3, 2008


I was feeling sorry for myself I suppose.
But didn't I have a right to?
Didn't I have the right to be upset?

But I knew better, and I knew that it was hardly right.

So, why was I "down in the dumps?"

A lady at my church, who I look up to and respect, spoke to me about something, a concern that she had. I didn't mind her expressing her concern, but she did do it in front of one of my dear friends. It was a private concern with which I was the only one who could do something about it.

Needless to say, I was embarrassed.

So, I began to feel sorry for myself.

Which was wrong.

My Mother and my Dad both spoke to me, and showed me how people will not always agree with me, or speak to me discreetly.

It is a great hope of mine to someday marry a "preacher boy", and after reading some books by preachers' wives I learned something.
In that kind of situation: you need to be ready to accept criticism.

God is still teaching and guiding me, and now I know that all these "difficulties" are for a reason, that He has something greater to teach me, and that He is always in control.

It is my prayer that I will always be teachable.


Cheyenne said...

:)HEY! Thanks for looking at my blog!I found your blog by looking at the interests of others. You know how you can click on someones interests and find blogs with similiar interests. That's how I found your blog!

Cheyenne said...

A lot of people our age ask themselves these questions when someone corrects them. I like the fact that you acknowledge you were wrong, and I do agree she should have come to you in private. But you're right when you say that it won't always happen the way we want it too. People don't always come to you in private and we'll have to get used to it. You're very blessed to have parents that will give you that kind of advice. I'm also blessed to have parents that do this.

~Rebecca~ said...

Dear Cheyenne,

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment!