Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Brothers, little colds!

This is a pic of my adorable, yet mischievous, little brother. He is 4 yrs old and has a bad cold, and fever. . .so he is all snuggled up on my bed!
This was yesterday.

. . . and this was today! Caleb's little sister joins him on my bed!
They had alot of pillows and Blankees!
They also watched "The Incredibles" on my little DVD player, and had a snack too!
They mussed up the bed, and turned everything topsy-turvy!
All snuggled down, or should I say buried? So many blankees!

I can not boast the same when I get a cold. . .that's the sad thing about growing up I suppose.
Grab a throat candy and some herbal medicine, and let's go. . .
Well, I enjoyed spoiling them both anyways!

Caleb told me later today,"Becca, I love you so much!"

It's worth a mussed up room, No doubt about it!

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