Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Those Sweet Yesteryear Memories

Her wispy ponytail swished back and forth, keeping time with her little running feet.
She laughed as she climbed up the ladder and dashed into the Swingset fort. With only a moment's pause the little girl swung her legs around and slid down the slide, landing with a bump on her bottom. She jumped right up, not at all upset and climbed up the ladder to slide down again.

Oh, How much fun she was having!

This past Saturday I took my littlest sister, Kate, outside to play with her on the brand new swing set that my Dad built from his own plans!
He had installed one swing for adult-sized people, so I sat in it and watched Kate play on the swings for a little bit. Then she finally got up her courage to go down the big slide, and loved it!

I soon got my camera to capture her new-found game of seeing how many times she could go down the slide. . .and still land on her bottom!
(I guess we will have to work on landing on her feet!)

I became nostalgic with my thoughts, Autumn does that to me! I have so many fond memories of the Autumn when I was very small!

(pictured here is two of my brothers and my other sister, Stephie, with me, way back in 1999)

Watching Kate play and laugh and point to the leaves excited me.
She will be old enough this year to jump in the leaf piles, I hope that she likes it!

We are 17yrs apart, Kate and I.
Though at times mischievous, she is a really sweet girl.

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