Friday, October 10, 2008

We Love You Daddy!

This is a picture of Me, my Dad and my great grandma Martin way back in 1989!
My great grandma died shortly after.

We are a family of 10, and of the kids there are only 3 girls!

This is my little sister Stephanie, born in 1999.
I prayed for ten years for her!

This is Dad and Katelyn, she was born in 2006.
She is the youngest child in our family.

Katelyn, like us other girls, LOVES to be with Daddy!
In this pic she is telling Daddy which lawn mower is best!

This was taken in 2007.
All three of us girls!
Kate is so chubby!

I took these a few days ago!
Daddy is trying to get a kiss from Katie!

We love you so much Dad!

Our Dad is so special to us, and no one could ever replace him!
Thanks Dad for all you do! We thank God for you!
You are a wonderful Dad!

(and of course Stephie and Kate!)

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Kathy and Rebecca said...

Those pics of dad with you girls were so nice!