Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Family Legend

My mother's side of the family comes with a story.
My grandfather told me this story that his mother told him, a story that has been passed down their family!

The story goes that there was a Dauphin (prince) of France who did not want to be King right away, so he got on a ship to see the New world first. The ship never returned to France. No one seemed to know what had become of the Dauphin. The story goes onto say that the Dauphin had stayed in the New World- Canada,
he married a settler's daughter, and had a family. We are supposed to be descendants of this line. Descendants of French Royalty!!!

Well. . . that's what has been passed down my Grandpa's family. . .a very, very exciting familylegend! I love this legend!!! It is a very special family legend to me. My grandpa has checked it out and it seems to have some truth.

{no, I'm not really at Versailles, a Photoshop job :)! }

Whether it is true or not, it is so much fun!
All my Grandparents come from Canada, and I am proud of my French heritage.
I am trying to learn some French, but it is tres hard to learn!

well, Bon Nuit!
(good night)

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