Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and their families!
I have alot to be thankful for!

I am Thankful for.....
My Savior!
My Parents!
My Family!
My Friends!
My Church!
My Country!
Gas prices are going down! :)
My Rabbit!

And so much more!

I love the story of the two little boys who sat to eat their Thanksgiving meal...

"...And Thank you Lord for everything, especially for the wonderful meal You have given to us, in Jesus Name, Amen," Tommy ended his prayer with a smile, but his smile quickly faded when his mother put a big scoop of green beans on his plate, "Green beans! Yuk, I hate green beans!" Tommy whined. His little brother Mike, who was sitting beside him, stared at his brother in surprise.
"What?!" Tommy asked in annoyance.
"I heard you just thank God for the food...but I guess you didn't mean it, did you?"Mike said.
Everyone at the table was quiet, including Tommy.
Grandma spoke up first, "It seems that we all can think of something we have complained about since this day began,"
"That's right," said Dad, "Even I complained this morning about it being so cold out,"
"So this hasn't been much of a "thanks"giving has it?" Mom added.
"I bet Tommy could think of a way to fix that," Grandpa winked.
Tommy nodded and bowed his head to pray again, "Dear Lord, please forgive me for complaining. Today is Thanksgiving day Lord, and we haven't been thankfull at all. Help us today to remember not to complain, In Jesus Name, Amen,"

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!