Monday, November 10, 2008

Striving for Excellence, and for God

(Stitching the Standard by Edmund Blair Leighton)

Isn't this a beautiful painting?
I imagine that this young maiden is stitching a standard for her Knight. She sits atop a castle wall, intent on finishing her task. She is sitting and waiting for her knight, yet keeping busy.

Even though I had attended a Night college last year, I chose to stay home this fall.
I met a lot of opposition from people about my decision. I had been planning to attend a day college this fall, but I didn't have peace about it. So I am at home, helping my mother to homeschool my 5 younger siblings.

So far I am trying to teach my 6 yr old brother to read, and he is making wonderful progress!
My 4 yr old brother is learning his letters and sounds, but my 2yr old sister has learned them faster! (It is soooo cute to hear her walking around singing, "The 'A' says "ahh" the 'A' says "ahh" every letter makes a sound the 'A' says "ahh"!)
I have also been successful at teaching my 9 yr old sister how to count-cross stitch. She has learned it very quickly, and has completed 2 patterns already!
I am also teaching violin to two siblings.

So I am at home, busy and productive.
And Yes, waiting for my knight! :)

I do have doubts at times, but I know that this is what God wants me to do right now.

( God Speed by Edmund Blair Leighton)

I am praying about a day College this coming fall of '09. I am looking into a 1 yr Bible certificate.
I hope that you will be praying for me as well!


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Cheyenne said...

I will be praying for you! It's a great thing to be busy and to help others even if they are siblings. It keeps your mind busy. It certainly keeps mine from wandering.I'm the baby of the family and I love having an older sister help me with things, and teach me with her life and advice in how to live for the Lord. Keep teaching them and living it out in front of them like you are now. If they don't relize how good it is for them now...they will later. God Bless.:)