Monday, December 8, 2008

...And a Sprinkling of Patience, Lord

Yes, a Sprinkling of patience...has turned into "Lord I need a Gallon of patience!"

You see my darling 4 yr old brother has a new "thing"
His "thing" is... I want it and I want it NOW!

No matter how sweetly I remind him to wait just a minute for the puzzle, game, toy, book, food, etc. He still demands it NOW.

And He always wants it right in the middle of my busiest moments.

When I tell him he must wait he clings to my skirt and begins t o whine and bawl...... *sigh*.

My Mom and Dad are working on this with him!

But I find it rather difficult to maintain a sweet angelic disposition when he acts this way. The worst of it is he wants something desperately, but changes his mind within 20 minutes and wants something else!

Throughout the day "CALEB, what are you up to?" is a constant phrase.

The biggest problem is he is sooooo cute!

So, I keep praying for patience. And then I reach down, scoop him into my arms and kiss his little nose, and he promptly licks me...... *sigh*

What would life be like without little brothers?



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Cheyenne said...

I have nephews and I know how their "needs" can be. It's hard to tell them no sometimes because their so cute but I have to. lol. I love them soooo much. It's great to see siblings that are so close. I have no younger siblings but I am blessed to have a close realtionship with one of my older sisters, and I also have 4 nephews and 2 neices. I got your comment on my blog and I've had a lot of school stuff lately.(like finals)But I put three new posts up just now if you want to see them. I missed not being able to get on and read your posts so I had to catch up. lol. Thanks for commenting. :)