Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beauty in the time of Storms

Here in New England we sometimes have ice storms.
They are extremely dangerous as we often have "black ice" (ice that is too thin to be noticeable but extremely slippery) form on steps, sidewalks, driveways, stairs, the roads etc. Many Power lines will go down, along with trees.

Yet, I have been able to discover and capture the beauty of this natural "fiasco", with my little digital camera. These photos are not taken with a professional camera.

A Lilac bud in Ice

I was reminded of a valuable lesson while taking these photographs,
I have been struggling lately through different lessons that God has been teaching, I saw them as bothersome, and not something I should be learning from.
Just like the Beauty I found in the disaster of an ice storm, there is always a treasure to find during trials.
Along the way I have been discovering the treasures, and things don't seem as bad.

It is amazing how beautiful yet dangerous Ice can be,
It is even more amazing how much my Savior desires to teach me!
There would have been no beauty without the storm, just like I will never grow in Christ-unless I learn to trust Him during a "storm".

(Ice on the wire! It covered EVERYTHING!)

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