Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to School -part 2

To answer a comment and clarify a few things about my "Back to School" post

( by K. Y. Craft)

Believe me I have struggled with this decision of going to a College! It is not a matter of that "I have to go," but one of "God wants me to go"

I have experienced alot of pressure from people, My church has an all day college, (and the night college that I attend). So the pressure is increased. I have had people tell me that If I didn't go to college I would be disobeying God.

All this doesn't matter. Going to school because someone says unkind things to me is foolish, but I had doubts. So I talked it over with my Dad, he told me to pray.

So, I prayed and prayed! I asked God for peace if going to school was the right choice... and He gave me peace and JOY!

I am NOT going for a career, God has laid it upon my heart that my "career" is caring for my family , and to someday care for my, "Mr. Right" and the family we will have.

I'm going so I can learn more about my Lord and Savior! Now is the time I can learn as much as possible in a short time, since I do not have my own Husband and kids to care for, yet
. :)

The best place to be is in the center of God's will for your life. For every person His will for you is different.

So, never bend under pressure, but stand straight on God's Word!

The neat thing about this Night College is... I get to be Home with my family during the day.

Thanks so much for your comments! ~Rebecca


joy said...


I hope my comment didn't upset you. I never meant that. I just feel so many girls do not follow Titus 2. It really clearly states to be keepers at home. It seems like so many people forget that and teach young girls to go to school. I just think it is sad.

I really think if we read the Bible , it does tell us to stay him.

I do respect your choice, and hope you really are doing what God has told you to.

I do wish you luck and hope you do enjoy it, if it is truly the right thing.

Take care.

~Rebecca~ said...

Oh! No, your comment did not upset me at all! I really appreciated your thoughts. I wrote the next article because I felt that I needed to tell of my own struggles with this decision.

I firmly believe in the Titus 2 teaching of being Keepers at home.

My mother has been teaching me for years about being a Keeper at home. It is my desire to run my own home someday. No, the "career view" does not have anything compared to a family! That I agree.

It is sad that girls are pressured into going to college, "just in case"

Thanks again for your comments,
I usually don't get many!



Cheyenne said...

In my current situation of homeschooling and being the youngest of only two left in the house now I can go to college and still learn at home how to handle the responsibilities of a home. I'm about to graduate high-school and since I'm homeschooling I take dual-credit classes at a local community college. This allows me to get ahead and be able to probably be done with college by the time I'm twenty. God may change the direction in my life and I pray constantly for his will to continually be revealed to me about my future guys have shown interest so far so that has allowed me to focus on God and schooling. I'll be praying for you and thank God for your blog.