Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back to School

Well, that's right, I'm going back to school! A Night College that is!
I know many young Christian Ladies are confused when it comes to choosing whether or not to attend college. It has been the same thing for me!

So..... after much prayer, God has led me to go to this Night College at my Church. I am taking two classes -- New Testament Survey, and Teaching Children the Bible.
I will be starting my second week, and already have alot of homework, and quizzes to prepare for!!

I am enjoying the classes so far. And I LOVE learning more about the Bible! The Teaching Children's class will be a great benefit to me! Some of my fellow students have been very encouraging already!

So, please keep me in you prayers -- that I will listen well, study well, and do all to the glory of God!


Cheyenne said...

I think it's wonderful that your doing this. I can't wait until I graduate high school and finish my degree at the local community college. God Bless!

joy said...

Good Luck to you. I hope you well. I have struggled with this for a long time and finally came to see that God wants me home.

I am enjoying being home and helping. I really think that may young ladys feel they have to go to college.

I hope you know you do not have to go to college.

It is ok to stay home and learn about homemaking skills while waiting for Mr. Right !!

Well good luck to you and enjoy.


~Rebecca~ said...

Thanks for the comment Leela,
Believe me I have struggled with this decision!

It is not a matter of that "I HAVE to go," but one of "God wants me to go"

I have experienced alot of pressure from people, My church has an all day college, (and the night college that I attend). I have had pastors tell me that If I didn't go to college I would be disobeying God. (????)

All these don't matter. Going to school because someone says unkind things to me is foolish!

I prayed and prayed! I asked God for peace if going to school was the right choice... and He gave me peace and JOY!

I am NOT going for a career, I'm going so I can learn more about my Lord and Savior!

The neat thing about this Night College is... I get to be Home with my family during the day.

Thanks so much for your comment!