Friday, January 30, 2009


Meet Collin

Collin is the most adventurous boy in the world!
At 15 yrs of age he has shown incredible spunk, and I think there is not much that would scare him!

He has a big heart too, and can be very kind and sweet, that is when he is not too busy teasing or playing practical jokes. He is always ready to make new friends! Collin has friends from all age groups!

Collin also loves getting all done up! He has the suit, the shoes, the overcoat, the scarf, etc.
He has admitted in the past that he would love a top hat and cane!


Always climbing! Here Collin is with another brother of ours, Matthew.
This was at a zoo.

I love this one! Don't they looks sooooo innocent?

As well as climbing, Collin also loves bugs, he has caught several butterflies, this is a monarch.

As well as frogs and toads too, he has caught about 6 in 2008. He has kept 3 as pets, the longest was a Spring Peeper, he had him for 6-7 months.

This is Collin's favorite place in the world, he adores the ocean.
He loves the open spaces, and how the sea never seems to end.

He also loves getting wet.

This is a Favorite of mine as well!He is pretending to be Horatio Hornblower

This is a typical example of 75% of Collin's pics.
He loves pictures of his expressions, often I grab my camera and see the new 20+ pics of his face and say, "Collin! When did you use my camera?"

He is not just my "little" brother, no! He is my "Little-bit-taller-than-me" brother!


Well, He is alot of fun, I'm proud to call him my brother, and my friend.


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