Friday, January 2, 2009

How did I do THAT?

This little guy was a whim.
I was anxious to use my new art set and was kinda bored on the afternoon of New Years Eve, so.....
I sat down with a book about birds and turned to the Titmouse, and began to sketch him for fun
By the time I was adding the colors I was in a state of absolute excitement!
"How did I do that??????"

I can't draw...not very good anyways, I've never had lessons, yet I was able to sketch this little guy! My photo doesn't do the sketch justice!

So, I thought, "well maybe it is one of those spur of the moment things,"

So, for "Haha's" I tried again, and was very pleased with the result!
I used to have pet birds and I loved them, so it was fun for me to draw a bird.
I like this one because he is just "in the moment" of hanging from the branch right before he would fly off.
So far he is my favorite.

This eagle sketch is for my brother, He is challenging, but it is coming along, he isn't going to be done in an hour like the other two!
This was my third one

This was my fourth attempt, this poor little goldfinch is well fed I guess, he is a little plump!

The body came out great, but his legs! Ahh! I don't know what happened!

So, I will have to keep practicing!
And I must seriously study how the birds legs really are!!



Lina said...

Oh, how beautiful, Becca! I wish you could show me in person at church, but maybe in April. Hope you all are doing well! Miss you!

Cheyenne said...

You're a very good artist. I love to sketch and paint too. I used to take art lessons and did okay but not wonderful. Maybe I'll post a few pics of what I painted on my blog so you can see them. Those birds look lifelike. I'vew started sketching again. I carry a scketchbook around with me. This encourages me and makes me want to focus on my art again. Thanks! :)

~Rebecca~ said...

Thanks Cheyenne, (and Lina!) for your comments!

I'm glad that I have been an encouragement to you Cheyenne!