Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back to School -part 3 "Finding time to Study"

Before I begin I thought you would all enjoy seeing these pictures. . .
My little brother took them today.

This is how one studies for a test when one has 7 siblings!


Allrighty! I'm studying for a big test on Monday, I have one sister in my arms, a sleeping brother's feet on my lap, and there I am reading away! Nary a problem!

Katelyn is making it quite clear that "New Testament Survey" is NOT her idea of fun!

I must say, she was a VERY good girl (for the most part) she sat quietly . . .
Then she started being a little silly!

I'm smiling, and Kate's, well I'm not sure what exactly she was doing. . .

Isn't that smile of her's cute?

Whew! All that studying makes me tired!
(Katey didn't like me closing my eyes, she kept saying, "Backy! Turn your eyes on!"
(p.s. "Backy" is her version of "Rebecca")


Sometimes I do end up in interesting situations when I study . . . but I also can find a good amount of Quiet times to study. Today was a bit of an exception I suppose!
I can study quite easily in a house full of laughing, shouting siblings. And my grades are A's and B's.

Some times I just have to wait till after they go to bed to do intense studying. But I find that attending this night school is beneficial, it doesn't affect our normal schedule very much. I also enjoy having something to do with myself that adds a bit of variety to regular household duties, teaching/playing with my siblings, cooking, cleaning, blogging, reading, drawing, etc. It is kind of like a hobby I guess. Wouldn't learning be an excellent hobby?!

Of late I have been considering to either graduate with a (one year) Bible certificate out of the night school. Or to transfer to an all day Bible college at my church in the fall for the Bible certificate, or to continue in the night school one more year and then transfer!

Confused? Yes, so am I!


So, I have been praying and praying and praying and praying and ....

Well, you get the idea!

If you are willing to pray for me too, will you leave a comment and let me know?


God Bless!



Kathy and Rebecca said...

Rebecca I think that you are doing a wonderful job! You are truly a great blessing to me and to our family!

May God continue to bless you, use you and to guide you.
Love Mom

Cheyenne said...

I will definetly be praying for you! I'm happy for you.
His Servant,