Friday, February 20, 2009

Best Friend

Friendship . . . . it is such a wonderful thing.
You do things together, talk together, laugh together, and just enjoy each other!
Friendships are irreplaceable, as are Good Friends!

I find that when I meet someone new, if we "hit it right off the bat" in our first chat we quickly become friends. . .others might take longer- but are worth the extra effort to get them out of their shell!

There are different types of friendship, each special in it's own right.

There are your acquaintances - people you talk to, and enjoy but you don't really get to know very well.

There are your friends - you know these people much better. Generally there are alot of these!

Then there are best friends!- A special few whose company you enjoy, you know alot about them, and you know just what to say to make them laugh! You want to share you latest discoveries, or secret. These "Best Friends" make life interesting.

Now some people assume that "Best Friends" had to be near your age, and were not relatives.

I believed the same thing for a while, until I met a young lady at my Church's college.


I was talking to her one day, and I mentioned how it seemed that she and her brother were very close. She made an amazing thrilling statement " Well, he's my best friend,"

Something clicked in my brain at that very moment!

What a profound statement! I thought, "your brother...your best friend???"

I had never looked at it that way before, I mean, come on! Brothers were just annoying teasing pests right?


I liked what she had said. I wanted my brothers to be my best friends too! So, I decided to try out a little experiment with one of my brothers.
I began to really work hard to befriend my little brother, Collin.
I began to talk more to him, and allow him to borrow my things. I began to try to think of nice things to say, especially when a rebuke was on my tongue.

6 moths later I am proud to say that our relationship has drastically changed. He is one of my best friends now!

Before he wouldn't hug me or have anything nice to say. . . now he comes up to me and gives me a great big sqeezy hug, often just because HE wants too! And he had plenty of nice things to say.

So, I am still working on it.

I am trying now to work with my other brothers and sisters.

But, now come the best part.

I am challenging all of my readers who have siblings to improve your relationships! If I could do it, you can too!

Let me know how it turns out!

This is me and Tabbie, the young lady who I will always cherish! And the one who sparked my journey into turning my brother into a best friend.

Thanks so much Tabbie!


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