Monday, February 9, 2009


Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is the most creative 10 yr old in our house!
Sweet as cake, and with a far too large doll collection (my opinion anyways!) she is always ready to smile.
We share a bedroom, (hence my opinion about the dolls!) so I have little fairy drawings, dolls, crayons, books and toys all over the place!

This is one of her best photos! We had curled her hair for Easter and it came out really nice!
The dress she is wearing used to be mine!

This would have been cute! But she decided to start laughing!
(note we are both wearing yellow! She often tries to mimic what I'm wearing)

I love this one! Stephie and I are 10 yrs apart. But we still can have a lot of fun together. She is special to me, because I prayed for a sister and in 1999 I finally had one!

Always a great big sister! Stephie and Caleb are at our church.
Stephanie loves going to church!

This was an artistic twist on a sweet photo! She looked so pixie-ish! I couldn't resist editing this one. Best part is she loves it!

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