Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As Far as I ever got!

Last year my Dad attempted to teach me how to drive,
This was as far as I have ever gotten . . .


All joking aside, (right)

At the age of twenty I'm still not driving!
I actually do not have a desire to right now, to be honest, driving is well . . . scary!
My almost 18 yr old brother however can't get enough of driving! I don't get it! Must be a guy thing

That being said, one of my goals this summer is to learn to drive . . . and not crash!

Soooo, if y'all would prayer for me, I'd appreciate it!

God Bless!



Aimée Noelle said...

This made me smile!!
I will turn 20 this year. My mom is teaching me to drive. I am not in a big hurry to drive, and she doesn't push me, sometimes she even surprises me with "you are going to drive today" .:O LOL

I am sure you will do wonderfully!


Katie Marie said...

I know how it feels! I have had my permit since I turned 18, over 6 months ago and I still get scared to drive! I do okay in my Dad's mini van, but my Mom's SUV scares me to death, and I only drive it when she can't. :) I'm sure it will get easier as we get more practice, or at least thats what I'm told.