Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Dinner : Donuts!

Another Birthday tradition at our house is that the birthday person chooses what is for dinner on their special day!

I choose home made donuts!
My Dad actually welded some special "donut" cutters for me too!
So I made the dough, and used the donut cutter, and used a bottle cap to put in the center holes.
Then we let it rise for a bit, then my Mom fried them!

This part is tricky! They cook really fast!

My mom is an expert though! She makes them golden brown and delicious!

After they cooled I frosted them with my special home made Chocolate frosting!

These smell soooooooo good! And they taste even better!

Caleb is enjoying them!

And so is Katelyn!


Then came presents!

A Cellphone from my parents! I needed one for school, thank you Mom and Dad!

Then came my brother's present to me . . .

A KJV Scripture Calendar! Thankyou guys! I've been needing a calender for a long time!

So I had a wonderful day, thankyou to everyone who left birthday comments!

God bless you all!


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Carmen M. said...

Happy Birthday!

Homemade donuts certainly are wonderful! I haven't had any for a long time.