Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Decorating Feminine- and Frugal!

If you are a long time reader of my blog, then you know that I share my bedroom with my little sister Stephanie. I try to keep the room neat, but sometimes my little sister isn't quite so enthusiastic.... :)

Over the winter my Grandparents gave Stephie and I a new bed set.

It was a tremendous blessing as for some reason our old one had crayon and colored pencil marks that came from "I don't know!" ( My little sis is artistic)

This pic was taken in the early morning after all was nice a clean.

Our new bedset, pic taken at evening, when room is not as tidy as I would like!


When it came to decorating our room, Stephie and I both wanted a flowery theme, as well as some natural themes too.

We use Horse photographs cut from Calenders to decorate the walls. We also have a tiger, a cheetah family, and 2 cute little lovebirds, all from Calenders.

We have this little Dream Catcher that we made together too, oddly enough it seems to go fine with the seemingly "clashing" themes we have.

I do have my own little places to decorate the way I like, in Feminine and Frugal ways.

A very cute picture of my other little sister Katelyn, the frame I found at a dollar store.
The potpourri in the teacup is mostly made up from some of the flowers from the "Dying Rose" post.

The candle was from a friend's bridal shower, picture in background framed with another dollar store frame.

This little fairy was another dollar store find, however the frame behind it was not a dollar store find! The picture in it is one of many favorites!

I also have several dried flowers in dollar store vases!

Well, I hope you got some ideas!

God bless ~Rebecca

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