Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Firetruck

Someone gave my siblings a fire truck for Christmas this past year, and last week they got to try it out for the first time! I hope you enjoy the photos!

Stephanie runs to the firetruck to save the day!

The definition of this face:
1. the sun is too bright
2. I'm trying to smile so big that I have to close my eyes to make room for my mouth to stretch

Aren't I adorable?

You have to agree I'm very cute . . .

Well, I'm going to go play now . . .

So please! No more pictures!

Katelyn wasn't entirely sure about all this,

She is a little concerned about her sister's driving techinques.

Big brother will save the day!

Then again, Big Brother just wants to get in on the fun.

(the bigger the boy the bigger the toy!)

Jeremiah hard at work being a fire chief.

Hello there sir, how was your day?

"Well, we got an early call in about a cat in a tree,"

What did you do?

"We set right out to save the poor kitty, but the Fire truck wouldn't start,"

Oh, dear! what did you do?

"Well, I got out and pushed it,"


"I pushed and pushed and pushed. My fellow firefighters however, gave me directions."

(chuckle) Well, did you have to push it all the way to save that cat?

"Nope, I just remembered something, One good kick and the old truck fired right up!"

Good! Did you save the cat?

"I was soooo tired from pushing, so my fellow firefighters saved the cat,"

What did you do?

"I went for a nap,"


Well, it was nice to meet you sir! Bye!

This is my dad.

Apparently the Fire-trucking spirit spread.

Uh-oh, a shy fireman.

They had a great time driving the truck . . . in circles.

And back and forth . . .

And a bit too close to the photographer!

hmmmm, and a little bit too close to the van!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed all the pictures!

God bless,

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