Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Memories from my Church

I am working with a lady at my church to make a scrapbook for "Homecoming Sunday" a special day that will begin a revival conference at my Church.

On Tuesday night we sat and looked through over 500 pictures of my church through the years. I believe that my Church will be celebrating 34 yrs in May. Some photos were from the first years, and from building projects. It was so cool to look at how my church grew and see 34 yrs worth of memories! They were some endearing photos, and some down right funny ones! It was such an unforgettable time to peek into the past!

We narrowed it down to 215 photos, and now we have to get them printed and scrapbook them all, all before April 5th! I did have fun though looking through those old pictures. Crystal got some Starbucks Coffee (I had a hot Apple Cider, yummy!) and some popcorn and we worked for almost 4 hours! I never had Starbucks before, so that was a treat!

Well, I am getting very excited and will have fun scrap-booking! By photo 175 I may think differently . . . but I am still looking forward to this!

So, here are some of photos taken of my church's different events . . .

This is my favorite!
This sign is near where my church is and points toward to where the church is!

Kids Choir, four of my siblings are in the Kids choir. It is always so enjoyable to hear the children sing!

Our regular Choir, I'm in the extreme right corner in the front row, I look confused for some reason . . .?

The choir singing, as you can tell this was during a mission's conference last year.

Our Pastor, a man with a heart for God and a large vision!

Parade of flags, also from Mission's conference.

The flags

Me, with some children of our church, we are in the nursery.

College singing group.

My pastor with guest speakers for a revival conference in '08.

Stephanie with her friends.

Nursing home ministry!

God Bless!


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