Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nursing Home Ministry

Every Saturday my Family serves at a Nursing home near my house. My Uncle came this weekend and brought my two cousins along.

Here's a peek into the ministry . . .

Everyone arrives and we get ready to start. We are in one of many lobbies at the Nursing Home.

My Dad and brother Collin set up the podium. Stephanie is pushing Matthew for some unknown reason!

Jeremiah and Matt playing with the organ, again.
Caught them red-handed!

Stephanie and Katelyn greet a resident.

The elderly always love little Katelyn!

My Dad greets a gentleman and welcomes him to the service.

This is my Great Grandmother, "Me'me". She is my Dad's Grandma.
Please pray for her as she is not saved, and her health is failing. Me'me is 96 yrs old.
It is always great to see her though, she has a big sense of humor!

Collin hard at work passing out hymnals.

Dad opens with prayer.

Getting ready to sing!

Caleb loves going to the Nursing home . . .

. . . next to having his picture taken!

Jeremiah singing away!

Collin did a great job leading the singing.

Me'me and Matthew sing too!

Of course, Katelyn was hardly interested in singing.

What a privilege to hear these dear people sing!

Caleb singing along.

We had about 7 residents attend

I sang with my mother and siblings.

My mom and my uncle (her brother)

My uncle's girls sang a duet.

It was wonderful to watch them serving God! They did a great job!

Caleb not paying attention . . .

My Dad preached a wonderful sermon!

Matthew listening attentively.

My Dad did a great job, and I really enjoyed hearing him preach.
At the end of the service a worker actually raised her hand for salvation, but didn't speak with anyone afterwards. Please keep her in your prayers that she will be saved.

Finishing up his sermon.

Ending with a song and a prayer.

My cousins and I after the service. My little sister wouldn't smile! :(

That's much better!

God bless!


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