Friday, March 20, 2009

Tea Party

My two little sisters, Stephie and Katelyn giving me very cute smiles!

They decided to play tea party, with my Beanie Baby collection.

"Cutting" some food up for their little guests!

Little "Oinky" is waiting for her food!

Another guest, Little Bunny Jubbins

So many guests! So little food!

"Trisscar says hi!"

I never knew that Tea parties were such a serious affair!

Katelyn received this food and tea set for Christmas, she loves using. She will often sit me or my parents down at her little table and makes us some "dinner".
Pizza for a tea party, who'd have known?

Stephanie enjoys having a little sister to play with, it is sooo cute to watch them play together. Reminds me of when I was little and Stephanie was the baby sister!

I loved those days, I finally had a sister after ten years!! We used to play together all the time, we still have "sister time" but I just don't jump right in a play "tea party" as well as I used too.

Ok, before you laugh, yes I used to have bangs, and braces!
I love her little face in this picture! Sooo cute!
The boy in the back is Brandon, my brother.

Memories, life wouldn't be half as sweet without charming memories, or even worth living. Can you imagine a life without memories?? How awful! That's why I love photographs and journals, letters, cards, emails, blogging! You record memories and create memories.

So, when my sisters and I are old an gray, I'll say, "remember how you too used to play on my nice clean bed???!"


Well, God bless you all!


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