Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Many Expressions of Katelyn

It's tough to be a little kid . . . especially when you are the baby of the family . . . and just happen to be extremely cute.

Everyone says I have Daddy's nose. . .

But that is silly! This is my nose, not Daddy's!

I have too much to do right now to let you keep taking pictures Becca!
Seriously! A little kid has so much to get done! You have no idea!!!

You know, running around outside takes up a lot of energy! So does all those hand drawn masterpieces I make for Mommy, and learning my letters, and taking naps, and taking care of my baby doll . . .

And of course the most important mission of my day is . . .

Sitting on Daddy's Lap!!!!

Nothing compares to snuggling up on Daddy's shoulder.

Or laughing with Daddy!

Yup, I REALLY love my Daddy!

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures of my littlest sister Katelyn . . . also known as "Katty-Kat"!

God Bless,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Spring Banquet

The day College at my church had their annual Spring banquet recently. The theme this year was Hawaiian. Last year I was unable to go because it was for the day college students only. But this year Justin invited me to go . . . So I went! :)
It was the first banquet Justin and I attended as an "officially- official" courting couple.

The theme was "Hawaiian" - titled "Peaceful Moments".
The decor was Hawaiian, the meal was Hawaiian, and we received Leis too! The guys were to wear Hawaiian shirts and the girls a flowery or cheery-colored blouse.

Me- "Hawaiian-ish"- the blouse did have little hibiscus flowers on it!

Justin's friend Mark adding his own personality to the photo.

Justin in a Hawaiian shirt. Of course for guys dressing "Hawaiian" is easy, just buy a Hawaiian shirt!

Dr. Blaser didn't care for the leis, but he was talked into putting on those sunglasses for us eager photographers! One of the College guys had brought them.

A trio with Violin and Piano Duet.

The Guest Speaker, Bro. Bixler.
He preached a great sermon! Finals are in a few weeks and he was reminding us that even though school will be done for the summer, we should still be actively serving the Lord!

Pastor Townsley, I have never seen Pastor wearing a Lei!

Mallory and I, she is one of my friends who attends the day college. She played the violin in the special.

Justin and I . . . with Leis,

And without Leis!

Time to cleanup and take pictures!

Students showing off their leis for the cameras!

Justin with some of his friends from the college.

Some guys move the welcome sign past Pastor Townsley. The girls did a great job on the chalkboard!

Dr. Blaser, his wife and two of the girls from the college who came up with the theme and did so much work to make the banquet a big success!

The guys getting ready for their pictures . . . I wonder if they were trying to break the record for "most people on a couch at one time'' ????? Or at least how many it would take to break the couch! :) Justin is on the right.

Justin thinks Jared looks better with a palm tree on his head.

All the girls. Unfortunately this pic didn't come out very good, and I forgot my Lei!
I'm standing in the back row on the right.

Justin gave me 30 beautiful Lilies at the end of the banquet! Aren't they pretty?


The Banquet was creatively fun, and thoroughly enjoyable! I hope you all enjoyed these pictures! It was a unique event- just the thing needed right before finals!

God Bless,


You are "Invited"

Have you ever wondered what it is like preparing a meal for 10 people? Well, you are "invited" to stick around for dinner tonight and see for yourself!

Allrighty, I have just finished making the sour-cream muffins and am going to pop them in the oven with the Chicken Kiev and Corn Dish. Careful, this oven gets hot!

Mmmm, smell that chicken! Yum!


Oh dear . . .
Look at this! Excuse me, I am going to have to do these dishes while the meal cooks, oh don't go! I love company!

I wonder where I should begin??????

Well, now everything is rinsed off and I will fill the sink with nice warm soapy water!

To be honest, doing dishes is not exactly my favorite job in the whole world!

There! All done!

Now I have to set the table and pour drinks for everyone! You want to help? Certainly! We need two glasses of Apple juice, 1 ice tea, 2 lemonades, 4 milk and 1 water!

Everything is finally done! We have the muffins and the chicken . . .

And the Corn dish and the Alfredo.

Mmmm, no, there isn't much color diversity, but it smells awesome and tastes even better!

This is one of my Dad's favorite meals.

Everyone is getting ready to pray,

And now we eat! My Father is so gracious! He keeps thanking me for this meal. Love you too Dad! ( Thank goodness I didn't burn the Alfredo! I almost always do! :( )

Oh look, more dishes. I guess I will start filling the dishwasher! Thank the Lord for Dishwashers!

That looks much better, now to start washing!

Finally Done at last!

Well I hope you all enjoyed "visiting" my family for dinner! I took these photos while making an actual dinner and yes, those are the actual dishes!

In one "I Love Lucy" Episode, Pioneer Women, (1952) Lucy Ricardo figures out that she has washed 19,000 dishes in the ten years that she had been married to Ricky, and boy is she horrified!

I got to thinking, and calculated out how many dishes I wash in one year.
At about 40 dishes a meal and doing dishes 5 times a day (3 after meals, 2 for either cooking prep clean-up or baking clean-up) 365 days a year, it comes to 70,000 dishes in one year!

Now I am sure there are people who wash more than that in one year! But it still quite a thought!

Now If I had a dollar for every dish . . . :)

God Bless,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Here in NewEngland it is cold, wet and rainy today.
It was snowing in some parts of my state, in April!!
Very chilly compared to yesterday. (Makes me so glad I put my long sleeve clothing away!)


I also had an exam at school tonight, a rather important one
I get all set to start studying for the exam on Galatians-Philemon when to my horror I realized that I had completely forgotten the Bible reading and text book assignment! So I was studying for quite a long time! I was tempted to skip the reading assignments for once, but didn't. Come to find out 30 points on the exam came from doing the reading. Thankfully I got an 89 on my exam. 2 weeks till finals!

Despite all the "gloominess" of the day, my day was very happy and full of "sunshine".
And it became happier as the evening progressed!
After class I was on my way to chapel and stopped by one of the spots that Justin and I leave notes for each other, and I was pleasantly surprised!

There were flowers for me and a card, because today is our 1 month of courting anniversary!
So, even though we did not see each other it was still a very happy day! The flowers are my favorite color, purple! A very pretty Chrysanthemum plant that I hopefully will be able to keep alive for a long time.

Justin stated in the note that he was so glad that I wanted to keep God first in our courtship, and that both of our parents were encouraging us to serve God in everything. I am so thankful too for the fact that we both have godly parents!

If you had told me last year that I would be celebrating my first month of courtship today, I would have probably laughed. Isn't God wonderful?

Well, I hope you all have a "sunshiney" day!
God Bless,