Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday Cake for Brandon

We had a surprise Birthday Party for Brandon this year!

Someone is turning 18!

Brandon's Birthday was March 30th, but we celebrated it on the 28th.

A picture full of all sorts of witty captions . . .

Caleb is watching that cake very closely.

I wonder what Brandon is getting for his Birthday?

Pretzels and Cheese dip, Brandon's favorite "meal"!

What is this paper????

My parents surprised Brandon and got him a ticket to the New York Yankee Stadium.

It finally dawned on him what his gift was!

Daffy Duck, how appropriate for you Brandon!

Slicing a very yummy Birthday Cake! Brandon doesn't like regular cakes and always eats the icecream alone . . . so Mom figured, Icecream cake! Very clever!
Normally we would make the cake but my dad said, "just buy a cake this year!"
Brandon's favorite color is blue, hence the blue frosting!

Mom slicing the Cake while Matthew anxiously watches!

Yum! This cake tastes great!

Jeremiah getting in the picture, nice smile!

Matthew trying to put a little bit to much icecream in all at once . . . My Uncle said, "Uh-oh, someone is trying to get a brain freeze!"

Collin fooling around, goofing off, horsing around, showing off, being Collin, etc

My cousin, Liz, enjoying some very yummy cake!

Dad watching very closely as Mom cuts more pieces of cake.

My dear Grandfather. Love you grandpa!

"Yummy this cake is soooo good!"

"I love this blue frosting!"

"See? My tongue is blue!"

My cousin Sarah and I smile. Although she is much younger than I am, I believe she will eventually get taller then me . . . which is not very hard to do in the first place . . .


Liz isn't far behind in height either, oh well!

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