Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Trip

We had a marvelous day on Sunday March 29th! We left at 9 o'clock (in the pouring rain) and headed toward Justin's home Church! At 9:45 we pulled into the Church parking lot and (in the pouring rain) headed inside. We were greeted by his parents. We got the grand tour and found all the important places, Sunday school rooms, sanctuary, rest rooms, etc. Finally at 10:00 Justin showed up and we went to the adult Sunday school class. After Sunday school we went to the church service.

We then had a luncheon at the church. (which I have no pics of, sorry!) Great food! The brownies I made went like "that!".

After an hour or so of fellowship we had a second service, Favorite hymns and testimonies. Then Justin got to preach. He was nervous, but he did a good job. Well, we went to Justin's family's house then for a visit, (in the pouring rain . . .)

My younger siblings in the van.

My Dad's reflection in the rear-view mirror; such a great driver during torrential downpours!

Rain drops on the van's window.

Collin watching the rain pour and pour and pour and pour!

The Kid's choir at the church.

Justin's sister Jessica plays the piano very well, she played a very lovely offertory.

Pastor Camp preached a wonderful sermon!
He preached on Biblical Separation and the problems of apathy.
It was quite an experience to visit Justin's home church, as I received "special" attention. The pastor announced from the pulpit who I was and why I was there, (which was a surprise) . . . but I enjoyed it in a way too!

I was able to hear Justin preach, very exciting for me!
I loved hearing him preach.

A very "happy" Stephanie at Justin's house.

Justin showing us their backyard.

"let us come out and run down the hill too!"

Collin loved Justin's family's dog, Shadow!

The Chickens, we had some of their fresh chicken eggs . . . mmmm!

Now, I do not understand this, but the guys assure me that banging away at each other with sticks is fun!

What do you think Shadow?
He just wants his ball thrown . . . :)

My brother Jeremiah takes on Justin in a duel . . . now this looked funny! A bitty guy passionately whacking away at a much taller person- leaving me laughing!

"Unfortunately," Jeremiah lost.

My siblings enjoying themselves.

Justin's family with some of mine.

Jessica with her Dad.

Game time! We are playing . . .

"Apples to Apples!"

My little photographer . . .

Now, it was cold out, but some people didn't seem to care! Short sleeves?

Justin's cousin with my brother Brandon.

I never realized how "hard" this game is! Should I pick a funny one? Should I pick the one that makes the most sense?

See, I still can't decide! Now guess what? I didn't win, isn't that a surprise???
To be honest, I didn't even come close! But, at least I had fun! :)

It was a great day! I hope you enjoyed these pictures!

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nay nay said...

awww...looks like you had a great time! My brothers are always hitting eachother with sticks...I dont get it either!! ;)