Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Many Expressions of Katelyn

It's tough to be a little kid . . . especially when you are the baby of the family . . . and just happen to be extremely cute.

Everyone says I have Daddy's nose. . .

But that is silly! This is my nose, not Daddy's!

I have too much to do right now to let you keep taking pictures Becca!
Seriously! A little kid has so much to get done! You have no idea!!!

You know, running around outside takes up a lot of energy! So does all those hand drawn masterpieces I make for Mommy, and learning my letters, and taking naps, and taking care of my baby doll . . .

And of course the most important mission of my day is . . .

Sitting on Daddy's Lap!!!!

Nothing compares to snuggling up on Daddy's shoulder.

Or laughing with Daddy!

Yup, I REALLY love my Daddy!

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures of my littlest sister Katelyn . . . also known as "Katty-Kat"!

God Bless,

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