Thursday, April 9, 2009

Northeast Revival Conference

My Church hosted a revival conference from April 5-9.
We had services every night and chapels during the day. It was a wonderful week and it ended all too soon! God did a mighty work that week in my heart and in the hearts of others, it is my prayer that the fires of revival will
burn clear and long.
I hope you enjoy all of these pictures! I apoligize for the poor quality of some, the lighting in the church building is not cooperative with my camera.

Dr. and Mrs. Flanders,
Dr. Flanders was a guest speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed his sermons!

Dr. Flanders really makes things clear, and explains the scriptures out beautifully!

Evangelist Tim Thompson with Mrs. Thompson, it was wonderful to see a young couple with such fire for the Lord! It was encouraging to me to see younger people serving God with as much zeal as the older ones.

Evangelist Tim Thompson preached a powerful sermon on Monday night, he preached on Hosea 5 and 6 and on what prevents revival. The heartbeat of the sermon was "Come let us return unto the Lord,"

I was so excited to be able to take the Garlock's picture! They were both a wonderful blessing and I will always cherish the memories of their visits to my church!

Dr. Frank Garlock was one of the guest speakers, what a privilege to have him at my church! I especially enjoyed it when he played his trombone, with his wife accompanying him with the piano. Dr. Garlock told us that he had been playing the trombone since he was 5 yrs old- a total of 73 years!

Click to hear Dr. Garlock and his wife play a duet.

Dr. Garlock also led the congregation in singing, what a blessing! The congregation sang with such zeal and gusto! When we sang "It is Well with my Soul" everyone was smiling and singing as loudly as they could! (My Pastor is to the right of Dr. Garlock)

Evangelist Dan Souza and Mrs. Souza. I love to hear Dan Souza preach! He is one of my favorite evangelists. His wife actually taught me in 1rst grade. (I attended the church's Christian Academy 2 yrs, afterwards I was home-schooled) Both Mr. and Mrs. Souza are dear to me!

I love the way Dan Souza preaches, he dramatizes things and is very animated. He gets straight to the point in his sermons!

My Church has an academy, this is the high school choir singing.
(The boy in the red shirt who is blocking some of the kids in the choir, that is my brother Collin.)

We also enjoyed a lovely quartet by some of the young ladies in our church. They sang "By the Gentle Waters,"

This is a video of a trio from the Church's college. They sang "Almighty God." It was beautiful!

The display Table, where the scrapbooks are that Crystal and I worked on. Crystal did a lot of the work! I figured myself I spent 8 hours on this project.

This is a page that I did, it is the Charter signing for my Church way back in the late 70s.

One of the College girls, Anna. She was minding a table with literature for sale.

Some people looking over various materials.

"Oh, look! Patch the Pirate!!"

Some of my family, Mom, Kate, Jeremiah and Dad!

My sister Stephanie, with our brother Matthew . . . being well, Matthew.

On Wednesday I was able to attend the chapels and stay for lunch, it was such a blessing to hear such preaching! I know God worked in my heart. This is my pastor, Dr. Jim Townsley, with his wife. Mrs. Townsley led me to the Lord during the VBS of 1997.

"What a Gathering . . ." My pastor and Mrs. Townsley having lunch with the other speakers. The gentleman to the right of Mrs. Townsley is Dr. Wymal Porter another guest speaker who is still serving the Lord at the age of 85!

Another little blessing on Wednesday was that I got to see Justin. It was wonderful to be able to discuss the sermons together and go to the luncheon as well.

It was a fun, wonderful and exhausting week!

God bless ~Rebecca!


Katie - Romans 12:1-2 said...

I am so glad to hear the meetings went well. Our churches went great also.

But, in reading that post and you said who your Pastor was...something clicked. :) I had been and kind of still am looking into the college at your church...New England Baptist College right? It is the only college I can find within 4 hours of my home here in Pa...I am still trying to figure out what God would want me to do as far as college, but I did like what I could find on the college there.

Sorry to ramble! :)

nay nay said...

Praise the Lord!!! looks like it was an awesome revival! :)