Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

We had a great Easter!
I was able to see some friends who I have not seen since last fall. (they had moved away) It was so nice to see them at church!

Then of course we went to my Grandmothers for lunch!


Grandma preparing the coleslaw.

Steamed broccoli. Excites some people, but not me.

My uncle. Broccoli must excite him I guess. He dipped his in a garlic sauce.
He says, "Yummy!"
I say, "Good for you,"

Grandma serving my cousin Sarah.

Praying before we eat!

Everyone enjoying their Easter Lunch. Mom is getting some cereal for my little sister, because she doesn't have a deep appreciation for good 'ol ham!

Caleb however loves ham!

but not Kate!
Look at this distress! :)

Mmmmmm, doesn't this look good?

Stephanie loves ham above any other meat!

This picture is too funny! Cousin Liz, Collin, Dad and I are all looking at something with deep concern! I do not remember at all what was so captivating!

Dad, Brandon, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Roger getting ready for dessert!

We had ice cream, yum! Matthew is trying "to get out" of the picture by hiding his face!

Caleb watched carefully as Grandma scooped out ice cream.

Sarah helping Katelyn put her bib on.

Liz eating a cookie.

These are in my Grandparent's living room. The picture on the left is my family in 2000, while the picture on the right is from 2008.

Grandma always has an Easter egg hunt for the little ones. There is a dollar in each egg. We do not celebrate with the "easter bunny" or "easter egg", but this is a little tradition.

The little ones impatiently letting me take their picture before they began to search.

Caleb found an egg!

Dad trying to put an egg back together, while some of my siblings watch attentively.

Kate and I, the youngest and oldest children in our families.
I love this picture, she is a big fan of hugs!

Look at Kate's face it is soooo cute!!!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

God bless!



nay nay said... little sister seems a lot like my little sister! Amy loves hugs!! She's my little cuddle bug!
Looks like you's had an awesome Easter!!! Great pics! :)

sally said...

Was thinking of you today and the whole collage post you did a while back.

Here is a great link for you. I think it will better help you with your choice.


~Rebecca~ said...

Hello Sally,

Thanks for your comment, I don't know if you were aware but I am attending a night college now. (if you click on the "going to college" label post you can read more about that!
Thanks for the link and for thinking of me. :)


Thanks Naynay, my little sister says she is my "Katty-Kat" I love little sisters!! :)

sally said...

I recall a post about you saying you where praying about a day college awhile back. I think you said you where stuggling with what to do and pressure from adults or something to that affect.

I just thought the link would help you know your place and what God whats us ladies to do. You came to mind when I read the post.

Just thought I'd pass it along. I read that post and I know for sure that God wants us ladies at home under our mothers training,and learning.

Good luck to you and the choice you make, it will impact you for the rest of your life.