Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why Courting?

I have had some people ask me why we are courting instead of dating, so I thought that it would make an interesting post.

There are many reasons that Justin and I have chosen to court instead of date. One reason is that we believe that dating is too loose of a word to begin with, and too loose of an idea. When most "kids" date they are not seriously considering the other for marriage, but just "going out" among other things.

Another reason is the world's version of dating is completely and totally different from how Justin and I have chosen to get to know one another, so we don't want to have any resemblance to it.

Justin actually worded it best, it's different from dating: it has more rules and is going toward a marriage if it is God's will.

Another reason that we chose to court is that courting has etiquette! It has a "properness" to it. One of my favorite reasons is when people ask, "why?" is I get to explain that we have promised . . .

God is first and foremost in our friendship
Our Parents are involved and in charge
No touching (hand shaking, hugging, holding hands, kissing)
We will never allow ourselves to be alone and unchaperoned.

The basis of our Courtship is this: God is first. We have decided that in all things we are to put God first and not the other person.

Because of school schedules (I'm in Night school, while he is attending the regular college at my church) we only see each other at church.
One way we are getting to know each other is by writing letters. We leave them in designated places on campus. The letters are thankyous, "have a great day"s, scriptures, thoughts, something funny that happened, how school was that day/night, prayer requests, and praises. Our parents really like our "mail system" , and we like it even more! The letters are something special to look forward to, to keep and to read again and again!

I hope this encourages all my readers who are young ladies that have chosen to wait for God's best!

God bless, Rebecca


Katie Marie said...

Praise the Lord! I so love to hear about people following God's will on this matter. May the Lord bless you, Justin, and this relationship.

Kristina said...

Hey Rebecca,
I found your site because of Courtney's Contemplations. Courtney and I are good friends.

I just started a courtship of my own on Christmas Eve, God has really blessed and we are now engaged to be married...we've set the date for July 11th of this year.

I'm glad to see that there are others out there who believe the way I do. I just wanted to say thank you for following the Lord and allowing him to be the head of your relationship. I pray the Lord blesses you and Justin very much!