Saturday, April 25, 2009

You are "Invited"

Have you ever wondered what it is like preparing a meal for 10 people? Well, you are "invited" to stick around for dinner tonight and see for yourself!

Allrighty, I have just finished making the sour-cream muffins and am going to pop them in the oven with the Chicken Kiev and Corn Dish. Careful, this oven gets hot!

Mmmm, smell that chicken! Yum!


Oh dear . . .
Look at this! Excuse me, I am going to have to do these dishes while the meal cooks, oh don't go! I love company!

I wonder where I should begin??????

Well, now everything is rinsed off and I will fill the sink with nice warm soapy water!

To be honest, doing dishes is not exactly my favorite job in the whole world!

There! All done!

Now I have to set the table and pour drinks for everyone! You want to help? Certainly! We need two glasses of Apple juice, 1 ice tea, 2 lemonades, 4 milk and 1 water!

Everything is finally done! We have the muffins and the chicken . . .

And the Corn dish and the Alfredo.

Mmmm, no, there isn't much color diversity, but it smells awesome and tastes even better!

This is one of my Dad's favorite meals.

Everyone is getting ready to pray,

And now we eat! My Father is so gracious! He keeps thanking me for this meal. Love you too Dad! ( Thank goodness I didn't burn the Alfredo! I almost always do! :( )

Oh look, more dishes. I guess I will start filling the dishwasher! Thank the Lord for Dishwashers!

That looks much better, now to start washing!

Finally Done at last!

Well I hope you all enjoyed "visiting" my family for dinner! I took these photos while making an actual dinner and yes, those are the actual dishes!

In one "I Love Lucy" Episode, Pioneer Women, (1952) Lucy Ricardo figures out that she has washed 19,000 dishes in the ten years that she had been married to Ricky, and boy is she horrified!

I got to thinking, and calculated out how many dishes I wash in one year.
At about 40 dishes a meal and doing dishes 5 times a day (3 after meals, 2 for either cooking prep clean-up or baking clean-up) 365 days a year, it comes to 70,000 dishes in one year!

Now I am sure there are people who wash more than that in one year! But it still quite a thought!

Now If I had a dollar for every dish . . . :)

God Bless,


Aimée Noelle said...

I enjoyed peeking in on your family meal. That was neat!


Kathy and Rebecca said...

Thanks Rebecca for the lovely meal! :) Oh and thanks for doing all of those dishes! You will make a wonderful housewife someday :)
Love Mom!

nay nay said... for 10 is fun!!! I have eight brothers and sisters...two are out of the house...when we all lived together though every night my mom cooked for all ten of us!!! I'm the dish washer! I love it!!! :)

sally said...

would you be so kind and share the chicken recipe. The only one I have ever heard of was fried, butyou baked your in the oven right?

Also that is a lot of dishes. What do you all eat for breakfast and lunch, that you have 40 dishes??

I like washes dishes but not 40 per meal!!


~Rebecca~ said...

Hello Sally,
The Chicken is called Chicken Kiev, and it is very easy to prepare! I will have to do a post of that recipe soon for you, there are many different versions!

Yes, 40 dishes is easy . . . there are 10 people in my family! If every one has one cup, one plate and 2-3 utensils that is 4-5 dishes per person. Multiplied by ten . . . it comes to 40. Not including all the dishes used to make the meals! :)

The true amount is 73,000... but I estimated and rounded down a little for those rare occasions when we didn't use so many dishes!

Praise the Lord for a Dishwasher!

Thanks Aimee, Mom and NayNay for your comments!


bookflutterby said...

That was a cool post! Very creative. :D The chicken looks especially tasty...mmmm...But oooooh my goodness, all those dishes! You are so brave! Dishes aren't my favorite thing...I wonder how many I do? :P