Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend the Muzyka's went down to Washington D.C. for a family trip for about 3 days. Justin kept me updated with a phone call each night about their trip. It sounded like it was a wonderful time; they saw the Iwo Jima Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, National Archives, the Capital, the White House, the Vietnam Memorial, the Botanical Gardens, WWII Memorial, Library of Congress and much, much more! Justin liked the Botanical Gardens the best.

But the neatest part about their trip was that Justin forgot something... We have a list of verses for our daily devotions. We are studying all the verses with the word "love"... and he accidentally forgot his paper at home.

So during the phone call we would do devos together since I had my list. It was really nice to do them together via phone. Justin would read the verses and then we would talk about them.
On Friday we prayed after devos, it was the first time we ever prayed together... which was very special.

We are both convinced that God had Justin "forget" that list so we could do devotions together.
Isn't God so good????!!!!

So... what seemed like a simple act of "forgetfullness" turned out to be God's blessings!
I am so glad that God plans everything out in life and not me!

God Bless!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Matthew's 7th Birthday

We recently celebrated Matthew's Birthday, 7yrs old!
Matthew choose a cowboy theme of sorts...

One word... CUTE!

Sarah and Katelyn... cute cousins!

Matthew getting ready to blow out the candles...

TRYING to blow out the candles...

My what a big present you have!

Present time! Open it up, see what's inside!

Sand toys! YAY!

Me scooping the icecream...

The big "birthday boy/cowboy"!

"Let them eat cake"

Cousin Sarah and I. After the party Sarah and Elisabeth and I went outside and played Frisbee,
It was alot of fun!

Me with little brother Caleb. He has chocolate cake all over his face!

Our adorable little "cowgirl" Miss Stephanie!

Jeremiah with handcuffs... I believe big brother did that and Miah was trying to get them off!

The birthday boy showing off his handiwork!

Grandpa, Uncle Roger, and Daddy all in deep thought...
BTW, that window fan is our "AC" :)

A close up of Uncle Roger!

My cousin Elisabeth and I! Lisabeth took all the photos you see in this post (with the obvious exception of this one!) Thanks so much Lisabeth! You did a spectacular job!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Picnic

We had a busy, yet exciting Memorial day!
My family went to my Grandparents for a picnic, we also celebrated my cousin Sarah's 8th grade graduation.

The graduate!

My Grandmother checking the food.

It's time to eat!!!

Collin loading his plate.

Stephanie loves orange soda.

Mom and Dad!

My cousin Elizabeth is on the left with my Uncle behind her.

Now to me, this doesn't look
"yum", but to Elizabeth it sure did!

Collin eating. I must say he was dressed very patriotically for Memorial day, good job Collin!

Caleb being forever adorable.

Katelyn trying to beat her brother at being the cutest.

Hmmm, what kind of face is that?

Mom French-braided Kate's hair, it came out so cute!

Dad being a good daddy and helping Matt put his hot dog back in the bun!

Dad loved the food too!

Me with my grandparent's dog, Dawson.
He is a mix breed, part chihuahua, and part pug, I think he is cute!
I personally love this pic, because it is actually a good pic of me for once!

Couldn't resist doing this, Dawson was such a good boy, he did it for another camera later on!

Look who showed up... Justin!
Perfect Memorial day colors!

Katelyn is still trying to be the cutest! This is a great pic of her and Sarah!

Caleb recently conquered his fear of the swing... and now that is pretty much all he wants to do!

A really cute pic of my Mom & Caleb!

Why are you taking my picture?

Me with Daddy!
I love you! :)

Later Dad and I went to the Muzyka's for their Memorial day picnic.

There's me in the red shirt, Justin in blue and his friend Jake in the tan. We played Boccie.
Justin tried to get me to play volleyball, and I tried to play it, but when it comes to volleyball, I am terrible!

The more successful "volleyballers".
Oh, that is Justin's aunt in the orange shirt.

The Red Team, Justin's cousin Jesse and Jake.
The Green Team, Rebecca and Justin.

Justin's Mom took this for us... and yes we were posing.

Justin getting ready to throw the ball.


Me smiling because Justin scored a point!

Jake having fun.

Mrs. Muzyka and my Dad playing Ladder Golf.

Mr. Muzyka playing Ladder Golf.

This was the first time we did something for Memorial Day and it was alot of Fun!

God Bless