Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Day to Remember

After 2 weeks since Summer break began I enjoyed my first get-together with Justin's famil, the Muzykas.
Mrs. Muzyka came to my house around 2pm and picked me up, and we started out on a roughly 40 minute drive to their house. It was a nice drive as I was able to talk to Justin's mom and we even stopped at a store to pick up a few groceries.

Well we finally got to the house around 3, and the rest of the day is below in the pics... enjoy!

Justin and I, his Mom took this pic for me, I am holding a chick, I believe this one was "Poyo" The Muzyka's have chickens and they recently bought a rooster. 8 eggs have hatched sucessfully so far. Justin is reading a letter that I wrote for him.

The chicks, and Shadow. The chicks were adorable and I was so excited to get a chance to hold a few.

Mrs. Muzyka with a very ambitious little guy, who was quite determined to "fly."

This little white chick is "Angel"


These lovely orchids were a gift from Justin for our 2 month Courtship anniversary.
My favorite flowers in my favorite color!

Hopefully this plant will live for a long time, they are in my room now.


After about oh, an hour or so, we went to Jstin's grandmother's house. Here Mr. Muzyka is cooking the hotdogs an hamburgers for the picnic/dinner. Mrs. Muzyka is smiling for the camera!

Two smiles for the camera.


This is Justin's grandma. It was really neat to meet her.

Justin's granmother's next-door Neighbor who joined us for the picnic. I believe his name was Mr. Oscar. I was excited to learn that he served in Cairo during WWII.

Table decor, very lovely lilies.

Justin's sister Jessica wasn't too fond of me taking her picture but . . .

...I talked her into it.
This pic came out very, very nice. See Jessica, you do have a nice smile!

Another nice smile.

Everyone smelling those yummy hotdogs, and getting a bit hungry!

Mr. Muzyka checking the food.

Ice tea and water... unusual picture subjects, but the lighting was soooo nice!

Justin's Aunt Stephanie. She did alot of work for the picnic... Thankyou for the scrumptious food!

Finally the food was ready!

Father and son.

There was hotdogs, hamburgers, coslaw, potato salad, tomoatoes, and a pickle jar that I couldn't get to open! Luckily Justin got it open. :)

mmmmm. I like Deli hotdogs, and Bread and butter pickles.

The forever adorable Shadow. I love his eyes!

This has a funny story... Justin thought that these were creampuffs and popped one in his mouth, only to make a funny face... apparently these were cake, not creamfilled. So Justin thought he would get his Dad... and his dad made the same surprised reaction!

The turkey that wandered by trying his very best to impress a female turkey that ignored him.

The turkey displayed his feathers for us.

Playing Catan.

I have never played this game before.

I think it works like monopoly.

Jessica did quite well.

It began to get dark so we played by candlights...which helped keep those nasty mosquitoes away! YAY!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed these pictures!
God Bless, Rebecca


Katie said...

Looks like you had a great day! The donut thing reminds of my a trick I used to play on my Daddy. He hate mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I used the get the white kind so he thought it was just chocolate chip. The look on his face was a priceless! Haha He still brings it up after so many years!! :-)

Lina said...

Oh, that must have been so much fun! I love the pic of you and Justin towards the middle of the post. So cute!
Love you,

~Rebecca~ said...

Thanks Lina for the comment! I thought in the last one Justin's face was really nice too, so absorbed in figuring his next play out! I liked the middle one too!
Glad you got to "visit me" even though you moved away, miss you!

Thankyou Katie for your comment, I love that story!