Sunday, May 3, 2009

Feelin' Blue...

All of my younger siblings decided to dress in blue just the other day.

Mom unintentionally dressed according to the blue theme.

They shocked me by asking to take posed pictures! After I recovered from the "shock" I began to snap pics of the little "blues"

Caleb, Matthew, Stephanie, and Jeremiah.

Not age "assembled", but height. Stephanie is one year older then Jeremiah. She is not too thrilled about this fact.

Caleb is soooooo cute with his charming little "innocent" smile.

I love this pic! Group hugs!

I think it was adorable that they were all wearing the same exact shade of blue as well!!

Waving goodbye and going off to play! :)

Little Katelyn, decided not to go with the "Blue" theme and went all "red" !

God Bless!


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Katie M. said...

Haha! Let Stephanie know she's not alone...I am almost 2 years older then my brother and he is a full 8 inches taller then me. She'll either have to get taller or get used to it. :)