Monday, May 4, 2009

Keep your Heart

We all know the importance of purity before marriage; as young girls our parents taught us the importance of it and we have read books on it.
There is another type of purity that until I was 18 I didn't really know the importance of.
It is emotional purity.
Emotional purity is the keeping of your feelings/affections for the one God created for you.

My mother would always tell me to "guard your heart", but I didn't truly understand the importance of what she was telling me.
Because I failed to understand the wisdom of my mother . . . I had a "crush" for a few months when I was 18. Not long after it ended my Mother bought a book and I read it- "Raising Maidens of Virtue." At one part of the book the author discussed "Emotional" purity, and how it is important.

Finally it clicked! Emotional purity is keeping your heart for that one special man. I asked God to forgive me for my foolishness and begged Him to take my "heart" and keep all my feelings for that one special man.

I did learn alot from my foolishness though. I was determined not to have any feelings for any young man, unless I knew God was in it.

I also finally surrendered that I was going to stop worrying about whether I would ever "find him" and let God lead. This was during the early fall of 2008.


By December of 08 I began to realize that a certain college guy was coming to talk to me after service very often.
Other interesting things happened . . . I attended a Christmas banquet for all the night and day college students and ended up sitting by myself facing an empty chair. This same certain college guy appeared out of nowhere and asked if he could sit with me. I said yes.

Winter break came and for 1 whole month I didn't see him at all. I spent many nights praying about him and begging God, "If he isn't the one keep my feelings Lord, don't let me like him at all!"

School resumed and sure enough, this same college guy still kept coming to talk with me! I kept praying and realized that God was giving me peace, and our friendship grew, and I started to "like him". . .

And now- Justin and I are Courting, and God is richly blessing us! I am so thankful to the Lord for His blessings, and for helping me keep my heart for His best.

Writing this post was not exactly easy, but I hope that through my testimony many other girls will be blessed!

God bless,

You can visit the "Raising Maidens of Virtue" website here


Aimée Noelle said...

Very well written, Rebecca!


Katie M. said...

A very encouraging post! I had never really thought about this until reading "Before you meet Prince Charming" and she talks about that very well. Thanks for the post! :)