Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Sister

My little sister Katelyn just turned three last week.
She is very expressive, and very cute! She loves hugs, shoes, chocolate and getting her picture taken! We are about 17 yrs apart.

This is a typical "Katelyn" look.

Another of "Katty-Kat's" expressions. . .

She is a joy to be around, and is often singing, saying her letters, counting or taking care of her 7 baby dolls!

Katelyn also talks and talks and talks!
Everyday she prays for her cousin to "go to sleep and be good"
Every night she says a special prayer for Justin . . . sooooo cute!

I am unsure as how to caption such a face!

Reading a book on my bed . . .

With such lovely pink socks on too!

God bless, Rebecca


nay nay said...

Your little sister is adorable!!!! I have a three year old sister too...she talks and talks and talks as well!!! hahah...makes life more fun!!

Anonymous said...

She is precious! It has been a long time since my "little" sister was three, but it was such a special age! What a blessing to live at home! :)