Friday, May 8, 2009


April Showers bring May flowers . . . and an eager photographer-wanna-be!
I took these toward the end of April, I hope you enjoy them all. These are my first attempts at raindrops.

It is amazing how something as unstable as water can create a perfect sphere and cling to a leaf!

This is my personal favorite!

These are called, "Jack-in-breeches" (I think) very first flowering bush up here in New England, and it pops with the yellow of coming spring in a dismal, grey, wet world!

What an awesome God I have!

Later I went for a walk with my "little" brother Collin.
He is 4 years younger, and 4 inches taller! :)

The sidewalk . . .

Collin walking down the path

I liked his sweater, an explosion of red among the grey!

He kept saying he was going to climb into that hole!
"Don't even think about it!!"

And the blur on the picture is because he was flicking water at my camera lens, and droplets were on the lens . . . hey, life would be boring without him!!!!

God Bless


Katie M. said...

Haha...I know that feeling with the "little" brother. Mine is 2 years younger and 8 inches taller. In fact I just spent this evening letting both of my brothers make tons of short jokes. :)

God's Been Good said...

Hey, Rebecca,

thanks for dropping by and visiting for a spell! Hope you come back often! I've enjoyed dropping by to visit you!