Friday, May 15, 2009

The Salamander

My little brother, Collin, came home the other day with a little salamander!
He had been working with some men from the church to clean up an elderly gentleman's yard this past week and found this cute little salamander while there.

Collin made a little habitat for "her", and named her 'Celia'.
Celia is extremely tiny, about 2 1/2" long.

I thought that these photos came out really nice, considering Celia is quite fast and doesn't take to the idea of cooperating with a photographer!

Unfortunately "Little Celia" went missing the next day, having escaped from the habitat, but at least I was able to take some pics of this fascinating little creature

Another reminder of my Amazing Creator!!

God Bless


Katie M. said...

Okay...most pictures like that would gross me out, but it is really cute! :)

~Rebecca~ said...

the Salamander was very cute to be sure! Especially because she was a really nifty shade of pink!
Glad you liked the pics!


nay nay said...

My little brothers are forever bringing home things like this! I'll never forget the time Timmy brought in a frog...mama flipped!!! lol! :) I love little brothers! :)

~Rebecca~ said...

Hey Nay Nay,
Well, this little one stayed OUTside! :) I love little brothers too!