Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend the Muzyka's went down to Washington D.C. for a family trip for about 3 days. Justin kept me updated with a phone call each night about their trip. It sounded like it was a wonderful time; they saw the Iwo Jima Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, National Archives, the Capital, the White House, the Vietnam Memorial, the Botanical Gardens, WWII Memorial, Library of Congress and much, much more! Justin liked the Botanical Gardens the best.

But the neatest part about their trip was that Justin forgot something... We have a list of verses for our daily devotions. We are studying all the verses with the word "love"... and he accidentally forgot his paper at home.

So during the phone call we would do devos together since I had my list. It was really nice to do them together via phone. Justin would read the verses and then we would talk about them.
On Friday we prayed after devos, it was the first time we ever prayed together... which was very special.

We are both convinced that God had Justin "forget" that list so we could do devotions together.
Isn't God so good????!!!!

So... what seemed like a simple act of "forgetfullness" turned out to be God's blessings!
I am so glad that God plans everything out in life and not me!

God Bless!


Katie said...

Awe! Thats so cool! It is great how God works thing out like that. And I'm sure your first time praying together made the phone call extra special. :-)

~Rebecca~ said...

it was very special Katie, we both were crying too because we are so amazed by God's goodness!


Lina said...

What? They went down to D.C. and didn't stop in??? Tell Justin that I'm disappointed in him. :)
Love you,

~Rebecca~ said...

I did tell him Lina, :) But he was a little busy, they stayed with Bruce.

Love ya too Lina!