Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chickens and a Picnic

My whole Family went to visit the Muzyka's recently. We had a picnic, played games, and saw pictures from their trip to D.C.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Remember the chicks? Well, they are much bigger now!
Mrs. Muzyka and my mom trying to encourage Caleb to pet the chick.

I love this pic! Mrs. Muzyka was trying to get one of the 1 week old chicks to stay in Katelyn's hand, but the chick had other ideas!

The chick did at last cooperate!
Isn't that just a precious picture??!!! A little girl and a little baby chick, too cute!

Mean while Justin was trying to untangle a slinky...

The chicks' daddy... Goliath the rooster.

still trying to untangle the slinky...

Jeremiah with a chick, someone joked that it looked more like a vulture than a chicken!

Very exciting experience for Jeremiah!

hmmm, still trying to untangle the slinky, this may take a while folks.

This is me, trying to hold onto "Angel" I believe.

The chicks are three weeks old, in their "preteen" stages.

Yup, definitely some similarities with teenagers, eat, sleep, look a little scruffy.

Collin on the hill... brothers keep life exciting!

Mr. Muzyka grilling some really yummy pork tenderloin!

Look who took up the slinky challenge! Justin's sister Jessica!

This does have the potential for a funny caption, but I can't think of one!
-oh, maybe, "Well, Justin was sitting here a minute ago..."

The frog being squished in Justin's hand.

Getting ready to eat!

Dad pondering what dressing to put on his salad...

Justin giving my brother Matthew croutons...much to Matthew's delight Justin poured too many by accident.
"got enough salad with your croutons Matt?"

Caleb and Katelyn prefer a good old PBJ to yummy pork tenderloin.
Hmmm, tough choice... I too like pbjs, but the tenderloin was very good!

Justin and I.

The forever adorable Shadow.

Taking my little siblings up the slope to the backyard...

It is quite a steep climb...

Justin took my younger siblings up to the tree house... my sister asked "is that ladder safe???" Justin assured her that it was and she said, "Are you sure????"
It was sooo funny!

Playing kickball...

Click to watch the beginning of the game

Justin trying to "tag" Caleb.

And Jeremiah too!
I'm telling you these little kids are quite something when it comes to kickball!

Shadow running up to me to "ask" for his ball to be thrown.

Well, look-ie here! Justin found something else to untangle!

I do not know what this thing was, but apparently you spread your arms out to seperate the strings which makes the yellow lemon thing shoot down the strings to the other person...

...The other person being Jeremiah.
(my little sister just informed me that the yellow lemon thing is a yellow football thing. Sorry Stephanie, what would I do without you?...)

Justin's Dad and My Dad. Dad informing us that he is too full for watermelon.

Oh, look it's Justin and I again!

Unfortunately this pic came out blurry, Justin and I did our Devos together.

Discussing what we read... :)
this is a nice pic, even if it is blurry :)

These are some brochures from the Muzyka's trip to Washington D. C. that Justin gave me.

These are some little presents that Justin got me... postcards and panoramic prints! He said that he knew if I went down there I would "take a ton of pictures"... so he bought me some! :) Now, I don't know if anyone will be receiving postcards from me.... because I really like the pictures on them! :)

All to soon it was time to leave, so I took one last picture.
It was a fun day!

God Bless

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