Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Mantle Piece

At a tag sale a few weeks ago, my Dad came across a handmade mantle piece for a fireplace.
Above is our living room fireplace as it looked when we moved here 4 yrs ago...

My Dad had to extend the wall so as to cover up some of the brick work.

With the new mantle piece that my Dad got for a really good price... $20

Detail work on the mantle.

The mantle was a bit too short, so my Dad added some scrap wood to make it higher.

Then covered it with trim.

Because the piece was custom made for a different fireplace, it wasn't fitting exactly. So Justin's Dad made an extension piece for us. He did an excellent job matching the profile of the carving!

After being painted...

Thankyou Mr. Muzyka, it looks great!!!

So now our Living room looks "right purty" with the new mantle!

Great Job Dad!

God Bless,

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