Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Rather Unusual...Mug

This past weekend I went tag-"saleing" with my Dad and happened along a unique item!
My brother almost beat me to it... but because I found it first he let me buy it.

A little unusual mug...

The front of the mug,

The handle is a pencil!!!!

Side view of the mug.

Well, since Justin is majoring in Secondary Ed. in college, and since he loves mugs, I thought it would be a highly appropriate little gift!

After looking at various items... tag sales are great ways to make a good bargain!

God Bless, Rebecca

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Lina said...

Oh, that is SO adorable! I love it and I'm sure Justin will too! You should come down and we'll go tag-saling here - we've had them since March! :)
Love you,