Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Surprise

If you are a reader of this blog then you should remember that Justin is at a camp this week as a counselor. As I also mentioned before it is not possible for us to talk this week, or a get-together.

However... God is So GOOD, and with Him all things are possible.

Every week this summer even if it seemed impossible God always arranged some form of a get-together.

So, I was not entirely surprised when things started happening!

The night we went up to Justin's church to surprise him, his Mom talked to mine, I found out later. She asked if she and Mr. M. could take me up to GBC Camp as a surprise for Justin. My parents agreed.

The M's came to pick me up Tuesday and we began the hour long drive to the camp,
Enjoy the pictures and videos!

Mrs. Mu and myself. We are waiting by the fire pit while Mr. M went to get Justin.

Anna, Justin's pastor's daughter and Jessica M.

Some of the campers. I heard that there is 60+ kids attending.

After a few moments Justin came up the path. The surprise was a success!
He had asked his dad,"So, did you bring anyone?"
Mr. M said no, he didn't bring anyone.
When Justin saw me he turned to his dad and said, "I thought you said you didn't bring anyone!!"
Mr. M smiled, "Well, she isn't just anyone, She is a special someone."

Justin told me he had been hoping that they would bring me up to visit.
So, then I was able to find out all about the camp.

(thankyou Anna for taking those pics for me!!)

Also, the week of letters has been wonderful! I have enjoyed every one! Justin included details of the usual schedule for their day at camp, I have enjoyed that very much!

Justin being a counselor. The kids have to memorize verses from Psalm 119.
(This is Justin's cousin Mikey)

This is the fire pit, nice and big. It had been a hot day, but by the evening things had cooled off a bit. Justin and other counselors are adding wood.

Campers lining up to go to chapel.

Mrs. and Mr. M,

The brown building is the church,

A group from a church singing.
(Galina, that is Kristina K. from College in the middle!)

Justin is on the left, his sister Jessica is on the right. These are all people from Justin's home church. Jessica did a lovely solo in the song.

You can watch them sing!!

The song leader, we sang some great choruses!

Group from Pensacola performing a very funny skit.

This is a classic "film making" skit, a "director" trying to get a usable performance from a group of "actors". They are three different performances- "angry", "super-heroes", and "Shakespeare"

The scene is a boy gets injured, his mom calls the Dr, but the Dr. is delayed.

The girls watching the skit

The group from Pensacola sang a great song!

Pastor Greer preached a wonderful sermon from the Book of Daniel, on Shadrach, Meshach and Abendnego's being thrown in the fiery furnace.
( Did you know that their Hebrew names are Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah?)

Afterwards we went back down to the campground and had snack. Justin got a Twix bar for us to share. (ain't he sweet?) I did take a few pics, but it was very dark and the pics did not come out well.

"All too soon" it was time to head back!

Thankyou so much to both my Mom and Dad and to Mr. and Mrs. M!
I had a great time!

God Bless,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Time to CELEBRATE!

After 2 long, long years and 3 tiresome, weary months it finally happened!!!!

Drum roll please.............,

Collin's Braces are officially off!
He celebrated this momentous occasion with a stick of gum and a smile for the camera!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smile Jesus loves You!

Isn't the Love of Jesus something Wonderful?

Monday, July 27, 2009

To reply to a comment

Dear "Sally"

I am sorry.
You should not read my blog if you are going to lecture me on different things, like you said there are probably something else "worth" your time.

This is my blog, and I can post whatever I want to on it. I am the owner of it, if you do not agree just don't return.

The purpose of this blog is to be a blessing and encouragement to other young ladies.
It is also so I can keep in touch with many people that I know who no longer live around here.

Also, I do not know why you are bothered by my opinions on courtship, as they are how Justin and I feel, as do my parents and his own. We do hold a strict no-touch policy.
Our parents allow us to stand and sit next to each other. Again, this is how we have decided to proceed in this courtship.

To all other young ladies out there- God bless you all, God blesses us with our own convictions.

Oh, Sally, my Dad is fixing up our basement based on money put aside and materials God graciously provided for us. Even though my Dad is unemployed, God is still taking care of my family. He is providing for us in so many ways.

God is Good.

Thankyou again.

God bless

No unkind or lecturing comments will ever be permitted on this blog, thankyou.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Pictures

My Dog... or as close as I can get!! "Oliver" is well behaved to be sure, but...
Oh well.

Moth we found,

Zip pa dee do da! (He looked like he was dancing or something!)

My Dad holding up the moth for me to get a better pic.

My brother Collin's beetle he found. Cute little guy, I held him today, he has some serious claws!! About the size of a walnut.

Hey, tis me!

OK, just some random pics, hope you all liked though!

God bless,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Painting the Basement

Hello there! Well, My dad is re-doing our basement! Here are a few pics!

This is before. Because of the pellet stove the walls went from white to grayed. The linoleum floor has received damage from chairs and such.

That side painted. The colors are "Navajo Sand" on top and "Soft Suede" on the bottom.

The other side painted, with stuff in the room.

Stuff is gone! Just a few chairs and Collin building with legos today.

Now, we are just waiting for the carpeting! A few days ago the room was measured and hopefully soon the carpeting will be here! After the carpeting is in we can start furnishing the room! Part of the room will be made into a sewing corner for my Mom, she is soo excited!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Courtship blessings

This past Monday (the 20th) marked four months of courtship for Justin and I! He was going to try to visit that day but it didn't work out.

On Tuesday Justin was able to visit for about 45 minutes before he had to go to work. I was waiting by my room's window and I saw his car drive up. It was pouring rain that day! Still as he came up the walkway I opened the window and leaned out a bit and I said "Hello!" ... Sure I got wet, but, who cares? Justin brought flowers and a card- Although it was a rushed visit it was a very nice. The pictures in this post are of the bouquet- I think it is the most beautiful arrangement I have ever seen!

Since Justin is going to a camp to be a counselor next week, and since calling doesn't seem to be a possibility, we wrote 5 letters to each other for that week, Justin gave me his letters on Tuesday, I have to wait about 4 more days till I can read the first one!! The suspense!!-- Justin included a pack of FriXion pens (erasable gel ink... I love these pens!) and two Twix bars. Ain't he sweet?

Wednesday morning rolled 'round and I was at the kitchen table with my parents. I do not remember how it came up, but one of my parents suggested the possibility of visiting Justin's home church that night. As a surprise to Justin.

My Mom contacted Mrs. Muzyka and plans were set.
Well, we arrived at the church, and Mr. and Mrs. Muzyka was there, Jessica was there, Justin was not there... he had been delayed at work.

So, I sat down to wait.

Just as the service was about to begin Mrs. Muzyka went into the hallway, to return a few minutes later with a young man who was smiling sooo big that if it was any bigger his ears would have fallen off!

Justin had seen our van in the parking lot (can't miss it, great big green Maxi van!!) And thought, "wait, that looks like Rebecca's family's van,- No, it can't be! What would they be doing up here??"
A closer inspection revealed that there were car seats in the back, "It is their van!!"

So, the surprise was pulled off, not exactly as planned, but Justin was very surprised!
After service we were able to visit with the Muzyka's for a little bit. It was a wonderful time!

To my parents- thankyou soooo much for arranging the visit! I love you both so much and am so thankful to both of you!!


God is good.

God bless,

Friday, July 17, 2009

VBS the Last day

It's Friday, the last day of VBS 2009! We had a worker's cookout beforehand.
Here me little Sis Stephanie shows her bag of pennies!

Cousin Sarah and my other little sister, Katey!

My Dad and my little brother, Jeremiah.

More workers! The lady on the extreme left of this pic is my Mom.
(all workers wear white and tan, btw)

Jeremiah posing with his class's sign.

A very enthusiastic boy from our class!

Who will win the penny race... the boys or the girls??

My other brother Collin, hard at work.

My mom, my Dad and my sis Katey!

Some eager smiles!!

My cousin Sarah waiting for the long anticipated final Penny race!

WOW look at all the kids putting their pennies in the buckets!

Uh-oh girls, looks like the boys are gonna win!
(the girls have won for a 4 year streak!)

Watch the Video to see who officially won the Penny race!

The last visit of "Ben Freezin"

Snack time! Hot dogs!!

An eager young boy who has the Prize for the penny race winners! A bag of candy!!

Even though VBS is some fun and games, there is only one main purpose for Vacation Bible School- to give the gospel to children who have never heard. Our highest attendance was 162 children (i think)... and I know that 40+ children accepted Christ as Savior!
Praise the Lord!

God Bless, Rebecca