Monday, July 6, 2009

My 4th of July

On the Fourth of July I was able to spend most of the day with the Muzyka family. A cousin of Justin's was getting married and since there were to be many relatives visiting from all over, the Muzykas wanted me to meet them all.

There are alot of pics, I hope you enjoy!
Hopefully this will make up for my lack of posting of late!


Justin playing.....

"The Settlers of Catan" Justin and I played as a team. We won :)

Mrs. Muzyka and Charles. Charles sense of humor kept things very interesting! It was alot of fun!

Look at all the cars/vans!

Some of the relatives enjoying the scrumptious pulled-pork Justin's Grandma made for lunch.

I believe this is Shawn (relative) and his daughter. They were another team during Catan.

Cheyenne and Sierra playing on the slide.

Everyone getting those delicious pulled-pork sandwiches for lunch!

This is "Katie"

One of Justin's Uncle Jeff's daughters with a little boy that I can't remember his name! He was cute though!


Justin ironing his shirt before the wedding. I couldn't resist snapping a pic. :)

The VERY LONG driveway we walked up to get to the log-cabin where the wedding was to take place.

Did I add that it was VERY LONG?

Justin and I at the tent where the wedding was to be. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding!

Justin made an improvised version of Mancala, and taught me how to play while we waited for the wedding to begin.

:) I won!

Becky and Brian, the Bride and the Groom.
Becky is Justin's cousin.

The lovely center pieces at the tables

The tent was decorated really nice- red, white and blue themes

Waiting in line for dinner!

Our dinner! Doesn't that just look yummy!? Guess what? It tasted even better!!


The Muzykas in a very candid shot. However, because Justin has a real smile, I really like this picture!!

Not only is this a great picture because of the people in it :), but because it is "set up" perfectly! The perfect shape is a triangle in portrait paintings, Leonardo DaVinci used the triangle shape in his paintings. Tallest subject in center, others "taper" off.
Well enough of history....

Isn't this just a great pic? :)

Justin and his Hero... his Dad.

Mrs. Muzyka's parents.

I believe this is Shawn and Nikki, with their children.

More Relatives!
The lady in the purple jacket is "Aunt Jackie"
I believe these are her immediate family.


The Horse

The baby eating Carrots near a fence... perfectly fine right?

"Hey little boy, that's a mighty fine-lookin' carrot!"

"Just a little nibble, please????"

"Awww, what a good little boy!"

"Ohhh, yes little girl, right there, that's the spot, ooooh! What an itch!"

"Hey, don't leave now! I will grab you by the pony-tail!"

"Hey... is that a carrot, give me another one, please???"


Now, if you look real close, you should see a blue spot at the top of this treehouse (the fence-thing) that blue spot is....



Afterwards a bonfire was lit and people began to go sit by the nice glowing fire!
(for me, fire means smoke and smoke means that my arch enemy will not prevail. . . mosquitoes!) So, Justin and I hastened to this mosquito-free haven!

The young Lady standing in the back, wearing the pink dress, is another cousin, I think her name was Hannah. She was so nice to meet!

Sparklers are pretty!

Josiah, a cousin, making S'mores.

Justin's sister, Jessica making smores.

Justin and I making S'mores, it has been so long since I had a real s'more!
Yum, it was good! At this point my camera's battery died :(
So, no more pics!

The Muzykas took me back home and then visited with my family for a bit. On the ride back we were able to see fireworks all along the highway! What a treat!

Well, I hope you enjoyed all these pictures, please leave a comment! Thanks!

God bless, ~Rebecca


Lina said...

Aww...sounds like such a nice day! We actually just bought Settlers of Catan and like it a lot! We'll have to play it sometime. Maybe when you come down...? (I wish) Mancala looks fun too!

I love the pics! I think my favorite is the one of you and the Muzykas - very cute!

BTW, I'm working on emailing you back! :) I take my exam this week, so you know... :)

Love you and miss you tons!

Aimée Noelle said...

Enjoyed your pics, Rebecca!!! It looks like you had a lovely time!


~Rebecca~ said...

Thanks Lina,
I can't quite figure out Catan, but I'm learning, "Nod and Smile, Sure I get it!" :S

When we come down? Is that a "hint hint" :) ?

I'll be praying for your exam,

Love ya too, and missing you as usual!