Monday, July 27, 2009

To reply to a comment

Dear "Sally"

I am sorry.
You should not read my blog if you are going to lecture me on different things, like you said there are probably something else "worth" your time.

This is my blog, and I can post whatever I want to on it. I am the owner of it, if you do not agree just don't return.

The purpose of this blog is to be a blessing and encouragement to other young ladies.
It is also so I can keep in touch with many people that I know who no longer live around here.

Also, I do not know why you are bothered by my opinions on courtship, as they are how Justin and I feel, as do my parents and his own. We do hold a strict no-touch policy.
Our parents allow us to stand and sit next to each other. Again, this is how we have decided to proceed in this courtship.

To all other young ladies out there- God bless you all, God blesses us with our own convictions.

Oh, Sally, my Dad is fixing up our basement based on money put aside and materials God graciously provided for us. Even though my Dad is unemployed, God is still taking care of my family. He is providing for us in so many ways.

God is Good.

Thankyou again.

God bless

No unkind or lecturing comments will ever be permitted on this blog, thankyou.

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TABB's MOMMA said...

Stand firm, Rebecca! GOD will honor you!