Tuesday, July 14, 2009

VBS day 2

Smiles all the way!
Here is another batch of VBS pics from today!

During ralley, the boys won the penny contest today, and sure enough, "Ben Freezin" showed up!

Class time!

At craft time we colored pictures of polar bears.
Game time, we played "Husky, Husky, Penguin"
(aka Duck, Duck, Goose)

The kids really enjoyed this game, and they loved tagging the workers!

Get him!

Myself with one of my younger friends. (several years younger and quickly getting much taller!!!!)

Everybody's favorite time... Snack time!

Other workers sporting starry crowns...

Matthew, my little brother, eating his snack.. Freeze pops!

A teacher talking to a child about snack time!

The 4s and 5s!!! Really neat class!

My cousin Sarah and I.

Please continue to keep our VBS in your prayers, and for myself as well. I twisted my ankle today, and am praying that I will still be able to fully participate, and won't sprain my ankle.

God bless,

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Lina said...

Love the pics! Praying for your ankle, dear.