Wednesday, July 15, 2009

VBS day 3

On Wednesday we had a "Dress-up for the Polar Extremes" challenge!
In 80 degree weather this was interesting!!!!!

Some bus kids that were in our 1rst grade class.

The boys with their pennies!! However, the girls won the penny race!

"My God is so GREAT so Strong and so Mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do!"
We love this song!

A few very brave souls who dressed up a bit for the "Polar Dress-up" contest!
(Nope, I wasn't one of them!!)

"Best dressed Boy" went to my little brother Caleb!! He is barely seen in this pics, the one with the red and blue snowcap to the right.

"Ben Freezin" showed up once more!

My little brother Matt being "so attentive" during class time!!

The invitation, and prayer time...

Coloring time!
This little lady LOVED having her pic taken!!

This is "Simon Says!"

"Simon says, hands on your head!"

Here the kids are "climbing" on the teacher, begging to be taken outside for snacktime!!

That's all for today folks!

God bless, Rebecca

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