Thursday, July 16, 2009

VBS day 4

Pics from VBS on Thursday! Enjoy!

We had a contest for "Most Small Polar Animal", "Most Creative" and "Most Realistic"
Matthew went for "Most Creative," with this little penguin made of paper-mach'e .

We had the penny contest and the girls were eager!

Yet, the boys won!

Sure enough, "Ben Freezin" showed up... in Pajamas???! He was sooo tired!
By the way, Teddy's name was "George" :)

Pastor Jon trying to keep Ben Freezin from falling over, or falling asleep!

Stephie, my little sis, won Most Small!
Indeed it was so small that I couldn't get a pic of it!

Jeremiah, my little brother entered this into "Most realistic"... yes he did have a little help from me! I was trying to go for the "cute" factor. This is playdough on a piece of painted Styrofoam.

Jeremiah won for "Most realistic!"

Isn't that too cute? The little guy behind the white penguin is my soon-to-be 5yr old brother, Caleb!

Well, now we see the front of Mr. Penguin....

Some of 1rst grade

Some more of first grade!

Another round of "Husky, Husky, Penguin!"

I love this pic,
"I'm flying!!!!!!!!"

London bridge is falling down!

That's all folks! Onlyone day left!

God Bless!


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