Monday, July 13, 2009

VBS first pictures!

Here are the first Vacation Bible School pics!

I was assigned as Teacher's helper in the First Grade. I helped do songs, stuff baggies, etc.


Some boys in 1rst grade.

Some girls

My cousin Sarah (also a helper-- she is smiling) and my brother Collin is way in the back. Short guy with darker hair, directly under the orange flag.

Other teachers, The lady on the left is the pastor's wife, the lady in the middle is the administrator of the night college that I attend.

Mr. Boyington, the photographer at our church. He has taught me alot about photography.

My brother and Dad are the ones standing.

The most exciting event the -Penny Contest!!!!!!!!!! Girls won first night!

I love this pic, 130+ kids praying.

A man named "Ben Freezin" shows up and "interrupts" the ralley time. Mr. Freezin will visit us everyday for the rest of VBS

Class time! This is me with another young lady who was a helper. We are singing the "Gospel Fuzzies"

The children.

Mrs. B. teaching about penguins, and Who made the penguins.

Mr. M. giving the salvation emphasis after teaching the Bible lesson.

This young girl is very special to me. I was asked to counsel her after the Bible lesson, and I went through the whole plan of salvation with the EvangeCube. She did pray to accept Christ as Savior! Amen!

Snack time!

My little brother was in this class.

That's all for now folks!

Please keep us in prayer!

God bless,

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Lina said...

Wow! Leah and Jack are in 1st grade already! And Matt too! Feels like we've been gone for forever! Sarah looks so happy to be helping! I miss being there so much. It looks pretty full for a Monday! Looks like your class has a lot of kids! Who's playing the piano?

Oh, and btw, we are having a penny contest! A little bit of home :) Go girls!!!

PTL about Jadalee! So excited for you!

Can't wait to see more and for you to see our pics!