Friday, July 17, 2009

VBS the Last day

It's Friday, the last day of VBS 2009! We had a worker's cookout beforehand.
Here me little Sis Stephanie shows her bag of pennies!

Cousin Sarah and my other little sister, Katey!

My Dad and my little brother, Jeremiah.

More workers! The lady on the extreme left of this pic is my Mom.
(all workers wear white and tan, btw)

Jeremiah posing with his class's sign.

A very enthusiastic boy from our class!

Who will win the penny race... the boys or the girls??

My other brother Collin, hard at work.

My mom, my Dad and my sis Katey!

Some eager smiles!!

My cousin Sarah waiting for the long anticipated final Penny race!

WOW look at all the kids putting their pennies in the buckets!

Uh-oh girls, looks like the boys are gonna win!
(the girls have won for a 4 year streak!)

Watch the Video to see who officially won the Penny race!

The last visit of "Ben Freezin"

Snack time! Hot dogs!!

An eager young boy who has the Prize for the penny race winners! A bag of candy!!

Even though VBS is some fun and games, there is only one main purpose for Vacation Bible School- to give the gospel to children who have never heard. Our highest attendance was 162 children (i think)... and I know that 40+ children accepted Christ as Savior!
Praise the Lord!

God Bless, Rebecca

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George said...

Thanks for the pics! I'm so glad you were able to lead a girl to the Lord!
Talk to you soon!